The great silver week

 Some really exciting weeks have passed! WOC was just amazing and I am now back in Switzerland after some turbulent days moving house and driving back home by car!



The World Orienteering Championchips in Strömstad were indeed very good ones for me. Even though many may not believe me, since I didn’t win that Gold or since I couldn’t win that forest medal…. But I am indeed very happy to look back to the championships where I was able to fight for medals in all races! I went to Strömstad for winning one medal and came back with two silver. I had four starts and got the results 2-2-4-4 which in my eyes is rather good. And if I add my EOC results it looks even more fun: 1-2-2-2-3-4-4-4  :)


I was looking forward to that race a lot but was a bit unsure about my physical shape after my fall and some illness one-week before. As always I was pushing quite fast already in the Sprint Qualification, since I need that kind of confirmation for the final. Maybe I was pushing a bit too much, but I knew that I have everything for fighting among the best in the afternoon.

I was very well prepared for the final. There was no surprise and I felt very familiar running in Strömstad (even though I’ve just been there for two hours the day before). I started fast and was only 5 seconds behind the fastest at the arena passage. Unfortunately, I got a bit too tired on the long uphill route and I made two stupid and decisive decisions. I lost to many seconds there and together with my tired legs it was too much to match the superior winner Maja Alm. To run in to the finish as second was almost like winning for me! I was very happy and so grateful to be back on the WOC podium.


Sprint Relay

Like always the day started with a team jog in the early morning. I felt tired but very sure and clear about my task of the last leg on the Sprint Relay. But I was also very conscious about the path I’ve taken to get there mentally. I have worked a lot since WOC 2015 to become self-confident again and to feel ready on the day of the race. Last but not least the team of Rahel Friederich, Florian Howald and Martin Hubmann gave me the trust which, alongside with the talks with  Andrea Binggeli and Vroni König-Salmi helped me a lot to improve.

The race itself was very stable. Rahel, Florian and Martin gave me a good position going out as third. I was ready to hunt Sweden and Denmark who were about 20 seconds ahead. I started fast and after a good long leg to the first control I had almost contact with Sweden and was just 8 seconds behind Denmark. I was fighting hard to keep the second place and to close the gap to Maja Alm. After a smaller mistake just after the arena passage the gap had grown to much and I had not enough speed in my legs. Running into silver place felt great though and we as a team were very happy to win that medal!

For those who are wondering why I was not celebrating the medal already on the run in…. I missed my teammates who really wanted to cheer all the way in. I wonder if they had something else to do out there around the amazing crowd! :)



It was for THAT race I moved to Sweden fo on a dark and cold day back in January this year. I have improved a lot since then and I have worked on my self-confidence in the Swedish terrain. But when I was warming up I felt slow and unmotivated – witch is always a sign for nervousness. I tried to accept it and as soon as I got the map I had my focus back on the upcoming long leg to the second control. I am proud how I took on this challenging leg. But while running 25 minutes (my longest leg ever !!) I was unsure and disappointed that I didn’t dare to take the road. But I did just loose one minute and managed to do a good leg. But as there were only 2 minutes’ start intervals Natalia Gemperle caught me after a bigger mistake to the third control. From there we were running almost the whole race together. It was a good performance from my side. I am proud about running for a medal the whole race and I am sure that it was almost a better performance than two years ago where I’ve won bronze.

Still I hope that the 3-minutes start intervals are going to be used for the upcoming WOC long distances or that forking’s are used to split groups more!



After the long I got very very tired not just physically, but also mentally. I got a bruised left leg at the long distance and was thankful to get such great treatment of our medical staff the rest day between the two races.

Julia Gross ran a great race and changed over to Sabine Hauswirth in the lead.  Sabine did some smaller mistake and was running alone the whole race. Until the finish she lost about 2.30 minutes on the leaders and sent me out in 5th position. My strategy to risk it all for a medal did not work out. I missed the second control a lot by doing a parallel mistake after which I did a clean and fast race. With the second best time of my leg I managed to run into the finish in fourth place.

It was not what we had hoped for. We got 5th last year at WOC, 4th at EOC and now also 4th at WOC 2016. We all know, that we can do better. And already some minutes after the finish our coach Vroni and I started to talk what we have to continue working on for the next years to finally take a medal again in relay.


After a great party in Strömstad I headed back «home» to Gothenburg to pack all my belongings. After a really nice medal party together with Lina Strand and our club Göteborg Majorna OK we started our journey back home to Switzerland.


Now I am already back for one week and we are soon set up and moved back. The time in Gothenburg has been amazing! I am thankful I have such a great club who helped me to realize my dream to move to Sweden. Once back home my hometown Zimmerwald organized a beautiful reception where I got that change to meet many friends and fans again! 

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