The worlds biggest stadion

How time flies! I've been already living eight weeks here in Gothenburg and I finally start feeling at home here. Even though the weather is sometimes making the trainings harder, we have also been enjoying many sunny days here. Also training has gone well lately and I enjoy running in the Swedish forests a lot!


On Saturday I am leaving for the first orienteering training camp with the national team in 2016! I am looking forward to a great week with training and meeting all Swiss runners finally.


In the last two month I've been running at home in Zimmerwald (Switzerland), in Gothenburg and in Teneriffe in my physical training camp. Everywhere it's so nice to run! I created a short video from every location with me running! 

Don't we have the most varied and most beautiful stadion in the world? 

Running and Orienteering, I'm loving it!


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