World Cup Final in Arosa

The time since the 2015 World Orienteering Championships has hot been very easy, but I have to admit that I learned a lot in many ways. After coming home from our holidays on the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland I could only train a little. To accept this fact and to find my way back to “real live” was hard. Luckily I had lot of support of my surroundings, be it my coaches, my family, my sponsors and or my fans. Even though I was not training, I was still set to run the World Cup Final on home ground in Arosa. I did everything to be well prepared and to be able to run at one of the events at the final. What came next was more than expected….


We traveled to Arosa on Thursday to adapt to the high altitude and to get the chance to run near the competition area to get a feeling of the terrain. I knew that it was going to be a tough race, but after the run in the terrain I also knew that technique will be crucial. Those training sessions gave me lots of energy and motivation!

While the other runners were running the long distance race I took the change to do another training just next to the competition area. It was lots of fun taking the cable railway up to the top and orienteer downhill (actually exactly what the race was going to be the next day as wellJ). After the short training session Maja Alm, Tove Alexandersson and I took the change to take the cable railway again to go for a coffee at the Weisshorn. Thanks girls, it was so much fun to be up there and to have time for a chat not just when sitting in the quarantine.

The long distance itself was then an extremely tough race. The Swiss Team did excellent by becoming 2nd, 3th, 4th and 5th in the girls race and 1th, 4th, 5th and 6th in the men’s race! Congratulations!!!

The day after it was my time to race for the first time since the World Orienteering Champs and the first international middle distance race since January 2015.

Before the start I felt rather unsecure and nervous, since I did not know what to really expect and whether I would enjoy the race or not.


Nevertheless I started quit fast…. Too fast indeed and I made a big mistake already to the first control. I was actually just 2 meters from the control, but it was hidden in-between some trees and I couldn’t see the control flag for a long time. After running some loops around the control circle I punched the control and started to rethink. My main goal from now on, was to enjoy and to have fun!

From there on I was so happy to run again and I enjoyed every meter of my race. Running to the finish with the spectators cheering loudly was amazing. Of course I was a bit irritated due to my 2.36 min mistake to the first control, but I was so happy to finish the race so good and to finish 5th just 2.15 minutes behind the winner.

This satisfying performance means a lot to me and provides me with motivation before the start of my usual winter training.

I know that I’m not back yet, but I know that I will do everything needed to be back racing to my maximum performance and to feel the good feeling again, which I had whilst running the middle distance in Arosa. 

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