Lots of contrast in the last month 

It has almost passed one month since the first world cup round in Tasmania started. The time was flying since then and I couldn’t find any time to update you about the exiting short trip to the other side of the world! You may have read a lot about the races and the terrain already, so I will only tell a bit about my feelings overseas and mostly show you some pictures.


After a perfect first week in Scamander (a little city on the west coast?) with a few quality running- and orienteering trainings, lots of beautiful views and good food, we moved to Launceston, the second biggest city of Tasmania in the North of the island, where the first World Cup event, over the Sprint distance was held.



Sprint Qualification and Final

I am really happy with my Sprint performances! Even if my shape wasn’t the best I could focus on my technique and managed to push all the way to the finish. The terrain of the Qualification was very special in that gorgeous Gorge in Launceston. We were challenged to take the fastest routes over the bridges (which I didn’t) and to run in between the tourists and the peacocks - Lots of challenges and fun course!


The Final was held on a university campus outside of Launceston. Fast runability, a technically demanding course and very hot temperatures were challenging us athletes! I managed to do a good race, but was a bit frustrated on the big time loss at the beginning. After evaluating the sprint I’m very happy to manage the first World cup Podium in the first race of the season!


Quali: Results/ Map

Final: Results/ Map

Middle Distance


A very very tough race for me mentally, physically and technically! I felt tired from the start and after missing the second control about three minutes I had big troubles to push all the way. A 9th place maybe doesn’t look to good on the paper… but I am happy about doing another stable race. It’s not easy to keep fighting when you miss in the beginning and your legs would rather chill in the bed instead of running in the forests. The organisers did once again a great job. The race was held in one of the most beautiful national Parks of Tasmania (Freycinet National Park) which offered demanding terrain and difficult courses! 


Results/ Map


Long Distance


My condition was maybe not the best (abdominal problems) and I was honestly a bit afraid of the wild animals in the forest. Neverless I managed once again to do a stable race and run to the finish in 5th place. This Long Distance is maybe the race I’m the most proud of that week. I managed to focus on my job and fought until the finish! Of course I was a bit disappointed about my smaller mistakes I did throughout the course, but I did what I could that day. 


Results/ Map


The few days after the competitions until I flew back into the winter I enjoyed the beautiful island with exploring and sightseeing with my friends from the national team.

After a beautiful long easy run onto Mt. Jerusalem and an easy jogging to the Gorge in Launceston on the morning of my flight I headed back home again. I enjoyed coming home a lot because I was really looking forward to go cross country skiing in on my home ski-tracks in the Gantrisch again! The last month was full of big contrasts:

  • 30°C and beautiful beaches against running in three layers in minus degrees in Switzerland
  • Being nervous because of dangerous animals vs. running in the forests and try to not think anything
  • Feeling good and motivated vs feeling powerless
  • chilling before and after the races vs. working in as a Physio
  • Being orienteer vs. physiotherapist     

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks training at home: 


February will be the last month with the usual winter schedule with working as a Physio and training hard for the upcoming races this season. From March on I will again fully focus on Orienteering till the end of summer.


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    Alex Schwager (Samstag, 31 Januar 2015 11:55)

    Warum die HP nur auf Englisch ????

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    Pierre (Samstag, 31 Januar 2015 17:31)

    @Alex: weil Judith 1. wahrscheinlich sehr viele nicht deutschsprechende "follower" und Fans rund um den Globus hat und 2. nicht die Zeit hat um den Blogeintrag auch noch in deutsch zu tippen - ein bisschen Training neben der Arbeit sollte sich ja auch noch ausgehen