A perfect Season ended with great races

What an amazing year! It‘s just unbelievable when almost everything you have dreamed about becomes reality!

Two weeks ago I ran the last world cup events – the world cup final in Liestal. I was not sure about my shape and I was not so hungry of competing anymore after a long and very intense season. But actually I showed two great races with a very god running speed and stable technical performances. I did my best to prepare for the final and I`m so proud I fought till the end. The spectators on the home ground in Liestal were great and I really squeezed my last energy out of my legs at the sprint (look at my face at the pictures from Rémy Steinegger, quite fun! J). The second place at the middle distance event was the best rank I had in middle distance race this year!  And the third place at the final sprint race, as well as the second place in the overall world cup showed me that I did a lot of things right this year! 

Fotos: Rémy Steinegger

I’ll shortly tell some things about my races.


Middle distance

The forest was a typical Swiss forest with lots of paths and trails. The green were a bit ‘hazy’ and the vegetation was sometimes quite dense. I actually do know how to orienteer in this kind of terrain, but I still got a bit nervous before the start. I know mistakes are quite seldom, and in case of one, you loose quite a bit of time. So I tried to stay focused on my technical goals and started aggressive but still controlled.

When running to the second control I couldn’t see the boarder of the green area and found myself in the middle of it far to the right of the control. I got a bit stressed had some hesitations to the next control. My only bigger mistake which cost me my first ever world cup victory in the middle distance was to control number 11. I already missed control 10 a bit and then approached the control from the left (instead of right, which was my original plan). When leaving the control I didn’t read the map properly, so I headed in the wrong direction and only realized it after about 100m when checked the compass. A really stupid mistake and I lost about 40 seconds there… My running speed was good from the start till the end and so I could manage to gain again 40 seconds on the last few minutes to winning Ida Bobach (see Performance Index for running speed J ). At the end only 9 seconds separated us.


Apart from the hesitations and the mistake to the 11th control I`m very happy with my race. To get second after flying Ida Bobach and to run my best middle race this year was a perfect start in to the weekend. 


Results Middle, GPS Middle, TV SRF News

Sprint Liestal


Uiuiui… I was so nervous at the athlete’s presentation before my start. I stood there in the arena with these thousands of spectators watching, cheering and waiting for the last battle of the year. I thought about my great year and my upcoming race. Finally I could calm down a little until the start. The races started well. As almost usual I had the fastest split time from the start to the first control. This time I even took a little bit a longer route choice. 

My race went well till the passage through the arena. When passing TV cameras I was somehow not focused enough. Because of these hesitations I missed twice 8 sec on the last loop to the finish and at the end it resulted a third place in a thight race, 10 seconds behind Tove Alexanderson and 4s behind Maja Alm. I’m very happy I managed again to climb the podium in the last race.


Results Sprint, GPS Sprint, TV Tele Basel

Overall Worldcup


With my top season I managed to get the second place in the overall world cup! So cool!


When I look back to all my recent world cup overall ranks I realized that I had a nice curve of progress in it: 

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