Bronze – Silver – Gold – The story behind!

What a week! Four starts, three medals and an 8th place are more than satisfying!


The post-WOC depression has caught me but looking back to the week in Latvia makes me smile. It has been a tough and emotional week in many ways. What I will remember the most is the great team spirit through the week, the amazing Swiss fans and my family covering my back.

First of all I want to thank all my sponsors, Redbull, Valiant, Guggisberg AG, Schär und Trojahn AG,, Swipala, Salomon and the Judith Wyder Fanclub.

Thanks to the team of Swiss Orienteering with special thanks to Vroni König-Salmi, Francois Gonon, Christine Lüscher-Fogtmann, Peter Züst, and Pascal Knobel.


Finally, thanks to Martin Kumm and Thomas Hürzeler for getting me back in shape.

The week started off with a great package of Sprint races (Qualification and Final) in the centre of the old town of Riga. Shortly after 9 o'clock, I started into the streets of Riga to qualify for the afternoon's race. I managed to do an excellent sprint performance and was looking forward to the Final. 

Warming up with the view of the Dome of Riga and over the river Daugava made me think to my first individual WOC medal in Venice. Therefore, I was very motivated and happy to start the race and give my very best. I started fast and stable although I was very stressed about all the tourists and the paving stones, making reading the map very challenging. Unfortunately, I missed one passage and fell because of the wet and slippery roads in the very last part of the race. When running to the finish, I was not happy with my performance. To hear that I was third was almost a little weird. Of course, I was very happy and thankful to win another medal and to be back at the top.


After a short night, it was time to get nervous again. The start of the Sprint Relay came closer and closer, and I was as excited as a little child. My teammates Elena, Florian and Fabian did a great job. They sent me out onto the last leg in 4th position, just in touch with the second place and about 40 seconds behind Sweden. As always, I started fast and already at the second control I was in second position. It felt amazing to dash through those streets and push for a great team result. Halfway through, I saw Sweden for the first time. Of course, I was imagining to catch the Swedish runner, but I had to tell myself over and over again, to orientate properly. I succeeded very well and could secure a second place behind outstanding Sweden.


The upcoming days were probably the most difficult days at a WOC ever. After a terrible night of Linn, we had to go to the hospital in Riga. Linn got diagnosed acute bronchitis, so we had to stay at the hospital for the upcoming days. Luckily her condition soon stabilised, and I went back to the team on Tuesday evening, while Gabriel stayed in hospital with Linn.

For this reason, the day of the Relay was very emotional and tough in all matters. Gabriel supported me from the hospital at all times and always cared about our little Linn. My teammates encouraged me all the way! Thanks, Flying Swiss Girls!

We were well prepared, but all three of us faced with a different challenge. To see Elena and Julia perform that well motivated me to fight until the end. I was sent out in second position just about 10 seconds behind Swedish Tove Alexandersson.

Nothing new to me, but again I started fast and was able to close the gap to Sweden at the first control already. I made my own route choices and was happy to realize, being in front at the arena passage. After a minor mistake, Tove caught up with me again, and we relaunched the race. At the final uphill, I hesitated shortly (to make sure I was running up the right valley), and Sweden got a 10-meter lead. Although only a few easier controls were left, I tried to push hard! And then on the second last control, Tove hesitated just a second, I sneaked by and pushed as hard as I could and was so relieved to finally cross the finish line with the Swiss girls! To win Gold at the World Championships with the same team as we won the European Championships feels amazing. I am still smiling when thinking back!


After another rest day, it was time for the Long distance. Over the last months, I was training hard for this race, and my ambitions were high. But somehow, I couldn’t fight that day. My energy level was too low, and I did some bad route choices and mistakes. To become 8th in the end was still a very solid and good ending of a fantastic week!


I am so thankful for all the support, crossed fingers I received, which made it possible to run the World Championships on this top level. It's even more thrilling to achieve this only 8 months after giving birth to our little Linn! Without you, I could not have accomplished all this! I am now taking some days off before I will focus on the World Cup in Norway and Czech Rebublic.

See you again soon! 

European Championships - Let's go!

(EN version below)


Und nun sind sie schon da die OL-Europameisterschaften im Tessin! Die Zeit verging unglaublich schnell! Vor rund 1.5 Jahren habe ich meinen letzten internationalen Wettkampf beim Weltcup Finale in Aarau absolviert! Es war ein super erfolgreiches Wochenende. Und nun nach einem Jahr Babypause bin ich nun wieder da! Ich freue mich sehr auf die Herausforderung Europameisterschaften im eigenen Land! Es ist immer ganz speziell vor heimischem Publikum zu laufen! 5 Monate nach der Geburt von Linn ist meine physische Form zwar noch nicht dort wo sie war, dennoch bin ich sehr zufrieden wo ich zur Zeit stehe.


Ich werde in 2 Disziplinen am Start sein:


6. Mai: Sprint

Die letzten 2 Europameisterschaften 2014/2016 konnte ich den Titel in dieser Disziplin gewinnen und bin als Titelverteidigerin am Start. Wie weit nach vorne es dieses Jahr reicht, werden wir sehen. Ein Top 10 Platz oder ein Diplom sind für mich auf jeden Fall schon sehr gute Ergebnisse.

Die Qualifikation findet in Bellinzona statt, das Finale am Nachmittag ab 16:00 Uhr in Mendriso.


10. Mai: Mixed Relay

Der erste meiner zwei Staffeleinsätze. Mit der Sprint-Staffel haben wir Schweizer schon immer super Resultate erzielt! Zusammen mit Elena Roos, Florian Howald und Martin Hubmann wollen wir auch in diesem Jahr um die Medaillen mitreden. Los geht's ab 17:00 in Tesserete.


13. Mai: Relay

Die Waldstaffel, das letzte grosse Highlight für mich an dieser Europameisterschaft. Mit dem grossartigen Schweizer Frauenteam wollen wir auch diese Jahr zeigen was wir drauf haben. Die Teamzusammenstellung wird in der Woche der Meisterschaft bekanntgegeben. Los geht's ab 14:00 Uhr in Tesserete.


Fanen vor Ort oder zu Hause am TV

Ich und das ganze Schweizer Team freuen sich auf lautstarke Unterstützung vor Ort in den Wettkampfarenen. Die Auffahrtswoche und die Feiertage ermöglichen es, ohne Freitage einen Abstecher in die Sonnenstube Tessin zu machen! :-)

Und falls du lieber zu Hause bleibst, SRF Info und SRF 2 übertragen alle Disziplinen bei welchen ich am Start stehe live. Über den IOF Livestream hast du die Möglichkeit die Wettkämpfe per Livevideo und GPS-Tracking auf der ganzen Welt zu sehen:


Weitere Informationen zur EM und über das gesamte Schweizer Team gibt es auf: und


EN Version.

And now they are already here the European O Championships in Ticino! Time passed incredibly fast! About 1.5 years ago I did my last international competition at the World Cup Final in Aarau! It was a super successful weekend. And now, after a year of baby break, I'm back! I am very much looking forward to the challenge of these Championships in my own country! It is always very special to run in front of a home audience! 5 months after the birth of Linn my physical shape is not yet where it was, but I am very satisfied where I am at the moment.


I'll be at the start three times: 


May 6th: Sprint

The last 2 European Championships 2014/2016 I won the title in this discipline and am competing as defending champion. We'll see how far ahead it goes this year. A Top 10 place or a diploma are for me in any case already very good results.

The qualification takes place in Bellinzona, the final in the afternoon from 16:00 o'clock in Mendriso.


May 10th: Mixed Relay

The first of my two relays. With the Sprint Relay we Swiss have always achieved great results! Together with Elena Roos, Florian Howald and Martin Hubmann we want to participate for the medals this year as well. Let's start at 17:00 in Tesserete.


May 13th: Relay

The Forest Relay is the last big highlight for me at this European Championships. With the great Swiss women's team we want to show what we are capable of this year as well. The team composition will be announced in the week of the championship. It starts at 14:00 o'clock in Tesserete.


Fans on site or at home on TV

I and the whole Swiss team are looking forward to strong local support in the competition arenas. The week of the ascent and the holidays make it possible to make a detour to the sunny Ticino without the need of free days! :-)

And if you prefer to stay at home, SRF Info and SRF 2 will broadcast all the disciplines I'm competing in live. Via the IOF Livestream you have the possibility to watch the competitions via live video and GPS-Tracking all over the world:


Further information about the European Championship and the entire Swiss team can be found at: and

Happy new year

Looking back to this amazing 2017 feels still a bit unreal. It's not unreal because of great results or great trainings, its because I fell in love a second time. 
To start the year racing and being healthy was just great, to know that Gabriel and I become a little family by the end of the year just the best thing in the world! Little Linn Sofia has been with us for more than 3 weeks and I could still just watch her for hours.


The next year is going to be full of challanges. I will do my best to get back in shape and race as soon as possible. But I will also take one step at its time and listen to my body.

I am so thankfull to my family who supported me in 2017 and will help us in 2018 to go on with racing internationaly.


I would also like to thank all my partners who were supporting me even I was taking a break year. Many thanks to Red Bull, Guggisberg AG, Schär und Trojahn AG, Valiant, Swipala, SalomonStiftung Schweizer Sporthilfeand Judith Wyder Fanclub!


Wish you all a happy new year!!